There are some applications that you cannot ignore when you are in a bid of designing a website for whatever purpose. One of such relevant application is the Word press! It is essential to let you know this application is a valid tool for all Webmasters the world over to have a website created. It can’t be ignored; it is like preparing a tea without sugar. Tasteless it will be!

This application allows the creation of feature rich website, even without any deep knowledge of HTML or CSS programming. It is not only user-friendly, it also makes an available diverse plug-in. We shall look at some basic plug-in which you must have in designing your website.

YOAST: - This a great word press plug-in and developed by Joost de Valk. It enables website search engine optimization friendly. It allows for auto-creation of a website sitemap, editing of robot.txt, easily SEO optimize the website’s meta title, content and image attribute and so also meta description. Yoast also makes a suggestion that a website should be SEO optimized for various customized keywords. This again is very important for targeting a website for rank purposes.

WORD PRESS GOOGLE ANALYTICS: - This is yet another very important plug-in that cannot be ignored in the design of any website. It functions mainly as a monitor of website traffic and then analyzes the visitor of the website page. It does also examine clicks through rate, and as well as the statistic on the blog itself. This plug-in was equally developed by Joost de Valk.

CONTACT FORM 7: - This plug-in was developed by Takayuki Miyoshi. It allows the creation of contact forms for the website visitors. It gives room for the website to receive queries from the visitor.

FLAMINGO: - This plug-in works with Contact Form 7 Word Press plug-in. It allows the message submitted through Contact Form 7 to be saved in the data bank, thereby creating easy retrieval and record of visitors’ messages on the website.

W3 TOTAL CACHE: - This is yet another vital Word Press Plug-in for the purpose of creating a website. Its main function is that of allowing website user experience and the speed of the web page. It also facilitates the load time of the website, increase in server performance and reduce the bounce rate of a website. When you want to mention of the relevance of plug-in, in Word Press, you cannot ignore one of Denver’s top web design studios.

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