It is increasingly becoming a norm for each and every organization that has opened its doors to the members of the public with a view of providing services to publicize its presence. The means of publicity today are quite numerous, as helped by the advancement in technology, most especially social media avenue. However, the object of this article is on social media, but a very important area that is germane to any organization’s acceptability and reaching the remotest parts of the world through internet. It is called “web site”.

To this end, I will be looking at the best way of hiring a web designer that can give you a real and attractive website. Web design is usually done by a professional, and hiring a professional is not an easy ride, you just must ensure that the right one is engaged by you. Many corporate organizations are basically set up for this purpose, and they varied based on track records, the quality of the professionals that are the nucleus of the organization. In pursuant of this, there are various design techniques that need to be employed by this professional.

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There are some applications that you cannot ignore when you are in a bid of designing a website for whatever purpose. One of such relevant application is the Word press! It is essential to let you know this application is a valid tool for all Webmasters the world over to have a website created. It can’t be ignored; it is like preparing a tea without sugar. Tasteless it will be! This application allows the creation of feature rich website, even without any deep knowledge of HTML or CSS programming.

YOAST: - This a great word press plug-in and developed by Joost de Valk. It enables website search engine optimization friendly. It allows for auto-creation of a website sitemap, editing of robot.txt, easily SEO optimize the website’s meta title, content and image attribute and so also meta description. Yoast also makes a suggestion that a website should be SEO optimized for various customized keywords. This again is very important for targeting a website for rank purposes. When you want to mention of the relevance of plug-in, in Word Press, you cannot ignore one of Denver's top web design studios.

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